Space that grows with you!

360SPACES™, are mitigating the local gaps for housing capacities, sheltering, hospital w/out walls, entrepreneurs and urban agriculture to provide alternative healthier lifestyle centers and introducing higher levels of preparedness in the new normal and emergencies.

Our Mission

Our purpose-driven mission of preventative wellness & care is to improve the quality of human life through digital assets harnessing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to provide in home services for all. To that end, our mission creates a new future.

360 Products are built to prepare us for unpredictable life changes.



Every living thing has a visible physical boundary—its skin—separating it from its external environment.  This visible boundary is surrounded by a series of invisible boundaries that are more difficult to define but are just as real.  These other boundaries begin with the individual’s personal space and terminate with her or his ‘territory’”



Wellness Centers


Emergency Preparedness

Our company provides smart city integration through state-of-the-art infrastructure. We strategically place integrated smart sensors and IoT devices throughout the 360SPACES to facilitate efficient resource management, optimise transportation systems, and implement improved safety measures. Our digital connectivity ensures residents have access to user-friendly platforms providing real-time information, services, and community engagement opportunities. Our approach fosters a sense of belonging and collaboration among members of the community.

Modular, Expandable and Versatile Space for evolving real estate needs.

Flexible & Versatile Spaces

Building modern communities that fit today’s evolving demand for flexible spaces. 360SPACES™ are green, health-centric and emergency-ready hubs for health care and lifestyle management: retail, agriculture, dining, travel, work, study and play.

Self-Sustained Communities

Live in smart, and safer environments with 360SPACES™. These scalable, self-sustainable, modular and tech-enabled units are designed for all weather conditions. 


By donating 10% of our proceeds through our Partnership with MySecureKid, a 501(c)(3) we provide access to affordable fresh produce, pharmacies, infusion centers for chronic disease management, clinics, and offices for entrepreneurs. We are educating communities in STEM-C fields as a pathway to generational improvement in living standards.

Scalable Customization

  • Single or multi-tenant builds
  • Starts from 80sq.ft. and up
  • Extendable deck options
  • Built-in septic and water storage systems
  • Walls, bathroom, storage and floor finish selections

Bringing Life Together One Space At A Time


Smart Technology
Integration with 360REGISTRY™
America's 1st Public Health App & 360SENSE™ our IoT Platform.

Off-Grid or On-Grid, Reduce Carbon Emissions
Recycle Water, Reduce Electricity
Battery & Solar power,
Reduce Construction cost

Bespoke Scalability
Meet the demand for flexible spaces. Transform units into healthy lifestyle hubs for retail, dining, travel, work, study and play.

Live Life In Styles!   


We are Tech4Good. We help people thrive and minimize harm- strengthen communities for humanity, holistically. We have different realities that do not cause separation. We refuse social constructs. We design to support diversity, equity and inclusion. We curate, create, and share experiences that bring people together to improve the quality of life.


Backed by Nano Artificial Intelligence Data Armor (N.A.I.D.A.) – the backbone technology that manages our communication gateway between 360REGISTRY™, 360SENSE™ and 360SPACES™.

Introducing the N.A.I.D.A™ (NAY-DaH) Platform – The Global Health Alert & Response Data Appliance.

We believe in Future Health.
Future Health Requires Personal Data Control.
Personal Data Control leads to an augmented data reality.

Using the N.A.I.D.A™ technology, we created a platform for contingency and disaster recovery planning.

N.A.I.D.A.™ is the best in Contingency Planning 
N.A.I.D.A.™, can be used to support advances in biology to create faster vaccines, track logistics, and combat chemical and biological terrorism, and epidemics.
It can also be used to support Research & Development projects.
N.A.I.D.A.™, can be used for Predictable Outcome Measures as well as the support of Diagnostic Tools that can assess risk and create Treatment Approaches.